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In the world of glass there are no things impossible. Let's get on it together.

We are engaged in processing and assembly of glass, both in offices, shops, restaurants, public buildings, as well as in private homes for over 8 years.

Glass is nowadays a lot of applications, both in construction, as well as interior architecture. It is easy to use, elegant and very trendy.

A large number of commercially available glass types stimulates our imagination and creates opportunities for many new applications as part of the utility as well as a modern decoration.

What distinguishes us is short notice, accuracy of execution, the complexity of execution, time flexibility, competitive prices and friendly customer service.

We offer a wide range of services in the use and processing of glass.

Glazing windows "plastic" with glass composite

Traditional glazing windows - wooden

Shopfront glazing, conservatories and porches, mirrors on the dimension along with the measurement, delivery and installation

Sandblasting, cutting, drilling, grinding, chamfering, UV glass bonding.

Emergency glaziers 24/7, is a fast access to the client, collateral or immediate replacement windows. Take advantage of our offer. We provide express order processing!

For each order a professional approach, so that our products are well made and good quality. We guarantee professional installation.

Keep the current design or change it entirely by selecting from our extensive range of windows:

In the production of doubleglazing we use a special gas - argon or krypton - between glass and for a special request of a customer we can use triple glaze unit for better insulation of the noise from outside and for better security.

Argon is the most commonly used gas, due to its excellent thermal performance and cost-efficiency in comparison to other gases. Argon gas reduces heat loss in double glazing by slowing down convection inside the air space.

It is extremely cost-efficient, and works well with Low-e coated glazing.

Argon and Krypton are colourless, odourless, non-flammable and non-reactive inert gases.

Enjoy your garden all year round regardless of the season!

Both detached and integrated into the body of the building, appropriately selected conservatory is perfectly in keeping with the environment and raises the standard of the house, allowing a moment of rest in an environment of light and greenery.

It is also the cheapest way to acquire additional attractive living space of exceptional performance.

Change the design of your house and get a superb porch where you will impress everyone.

Entrance area is one of the heavily used parts of the house. It should therefore be particularly attractive, functional and safe.

Enjoy the natural light throughout the day with one of our wide range roof profiles to extend your home or commercial buildings.

In factories and warehouses are rarely installed windows in the walls, because they are pledged by the shelf. The solution is to create a glass roof that provides light into the building. In these systems work well structures made of aluminum. Functions allow you to make lightweight aluminum roof shapes.

The use of even the roof of a small skylight can provide more light inside the room than traditional, large windows in the wall.

  • Splashbacks

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    The glass panels Kitchen - splashback - once used only for cooking in the kitchen now is a great way to finish the whole interior. They are ideal for all kitchens, traditional and modern, are a great idea, both on the wall in the kitchen and the kitchen fronts, windows, sliding doors, interior doors, wall decorations, bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, pubs, restaurants, etc.

    More and more people are aware of the glass panels are an excellent and comprehensive solution, not only for the kitchen, but it is a brilliant idea to cover the entire wall into a vibrant colored glass.

    Splashback is a great thing when it comes to cleaning, as they are hygienic and easy to clean, and the absence of joints makes no surfaces to collect bacteria.

  • Mirrors

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    The product range includes: mirror with lighting and mirrors without lights, mirrors in the frames, and Self-adhesive mirrors.

    Each group of products includes a variety of shapes, colors, ways to trim the edges and used accessories mirrors.

  • Shower screens

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    We can offer a shower screen with any size and shape. We offer solutions from the simplest through a corner building in different combinations and sizes, ending with the complex at different angles, with slants, etc.

    Cabins are delivered complete with hinges, handles, gaskets and all the necessary components for installation.

  • Balustrades

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    Is applicable not only inside buildings but also on the outside terraces and balconies. They add lightness to the structure, while meeting the security role. Glass can be combined with wood, stainless steel or in the form of cantilevered glass balustrades.

  • Sandblasting

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    Decoration of glass by sandblasting allows for a unique effect, frosted glass with a transparent or translucent applications frosted glass. Wide range of themes and designs to inspire you to create new forms of interior design.

    Sandblasted glass because of the translucent structure can be used to decorate planes large and small, because with the light gets additional effect of depth and nature of the various spaces. Allows you to create a spacious interior with using this type of glass to the office, reception, trade or recreation, such as windows and doors.

    Furthermore, the universality of the method of glass decoration gives us the opportunity to create a numbers of houses, the glass of an individual company logo design and many other designs.

  • Beveling

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    We have modern equipment for processing glass, so you get the highest quality in this area. We offer beveled glass on both straight sections and curved. The process of beveling can be virtually at any type of glass, starting from the mirror, through all kinds of ornamental glass and ending with a colorless glass.

    Machined surfaces are finished with high quality polished, which gives an aesthetic look that is appreciated by our clients.

  • Walk on glass

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    More information coming soon.

  • UV bonding

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    More information coming soon.

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